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Online Coaching

Basic Training Program: 3 workouts to challenge your fitness level and ability, setting you on track toward becoming a better you! — $75

4 Week Training Program: Designed for individuals looking to commit to a consistent exercise regime 3x/week, but do not have the funds to spend on private training. This program is customized to your individual goals and needs, and is 100% results driven. — $175

8 Week Advanced Training Program: This program is designed for individuals who are serious about getting results. It is uniquely tailored to your fitness goals and needs, and will set you up for success and measureable results at the end of 8 weeks. — $275

12 Week Elite Training Program: Designed for athletes who are looking to take their performance to the next level for a specific sport or event (i.e. obstacle races, bodybuilding competitions, weightlifting meets, etc) — $475 (BEST VALUE)